Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogs, invitations, and more!

Here's what I've been up to lately...

I love these monogrammed tiles because basically they can be turned into anything you'd like! My thought was for a wedding or anniversary gift...or just for a "unique" home decor item. Monogrammed with the inital of your last name with an Established (Est.) date for when you got married. But it could just simply be the inital of your last name. Or during Christmas time, I decided making them say "Faith, Hope, Love" and gave them as teacher gifts to Abby's teachers. Lots of possibilities. Got an idea you want on yours? Let me know!

I just started posting in my Etsy store Blog Makeovers! Full & Simple Blog Makeovers are now available! Check them out at Here are some samples of my work:

More examples are posted in my Etsy store,

And some invitations...
The comic book theme.

I'm open for working on anything and everything--birthday invitations, baby announcements, adoption announcements, baby shower invitations, wedding shower invitations, etc. The sky is the limit :) I offer front AND back cards, too!
My mind is always swimming with ideas--I just need the time to work on them!

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